Slide with stamped date.Many of the slides in The Prichard Collection have the date stamped on the slide mount which is either imprinted or in ink, as in the example on the right. However, this date only indicates the month and year that the slide was developed by the film processing lab and not when the photo was taken. So, it is entirely possible that several months may have lapsed from the time a photo was taken to when it was developed.

Hand written date example.Very few of the slides had a hand written date on the slide mount but we are fairly certain of the accuracy of those dates. However, the remaining slides have no date stamped on the mount at all. Of these, some were easy to figure out. For example, if you know the date someone was born and the photo shows them holding a birthday cake with three candles, you can do the math and put that slide in the year and month it was taken.

Slide with no date.We arrived at "ballpark" dates such as "about 1954" or "Late 1940s" for the rest of the slides by doing some online research and discovered that the style of slide mounts sold by different manufacturers were different for specific periods of time. Example: the Ansco slide mount at right was made 1949 and earlier. By combining that information with what we know about some of the events, we were able to come up with a date close to the time the photo was taken.

For the ones we couldn't figure out, we just put "Undated" and left it at that. If you find one of these, and know the approximate or exact date because you were there or know the event, then we encourage you to please send us a message, through our ID the Unidentified page, and let us know so we can update the information.