Bob Prichard in his youth Robert Harrison Prichard, better known as Bob or "Uncle Bob", was born March 4, 1910 in Logan County, West Virginia. He is the son of the late Henry and Margaret Elizabeth (Saunders) Prichard.

He earned degrees in Accounting and held a B.S. in Education from Morris Harvey College and The University of Charleston in Charleston, West Virginia, Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia and later earned a Ph.D. in Theology from Berea Bible College.

With these degrees Bob worked as an auditor for Island Creek Coal Company and later was the comptroller and business manager for the Church of God Bible Training School of Sevierville, Tennessee and Lee University of Cleveland, Tennessee.

After moving back to Delbarton, West Virginia, he spent the next twenty five years working as an educator in the Mingo County School system. Also, in addition to his educational responsibilities, during the 1950s, drove a school bus to earn extra income.

Jane Prichard in her youthBetty Jane (Curry) Prichard, also known as Jane or "Aunt Jane", was born November 11, 1909 in the town of Burch, West Virginia, known today as Delbarton. She is the daughter of the late Wallace Jennings and Lula (Maynard) Curry.

Like Bob, Jane attended both Morris Harvey College and Marshall University. She received her Bachelors degree of Education from Morris Harvey and did her graduate work at Marshall University.

After teaching for thirty five years in the Mingo County School system she retired to join her husband in full time ministry. During their time in Cleveland, Tenneessee in the late 1940s, she served as the Post Mistress at Lee University.

Bob & Jane's Wedding PhotoNovember 1, 1931 celebrates the happy day Bob and Jane married in Delbarton. Their love was deep and for the rest of their married lives (73 years) they never failed to celebrate that special day.

Two children were born to them; a son, Larry Gene and a daughter, Roberta Lou. Sadly, both children died at birth. Besides these two children, they endured three miscarriages. Though none of their children survived, God gave them many others to love and nurture and, without fail they always found ways to instill the love of Christ.

As an ordained minister, Bob and Jane pastored the Barnabus Church of God in Barnabus, West Virginia for thirty five years. He was then appointed as Pastor to the Lenore Church of God in Lenore, West Virginia, where he ministered for the next fifteen years. Jane supported him and served in the ministry assisting with music, ladies auxiliary, teaching Sunday School, making hospital visits, praying with people and much more.

Bob and Jane were unique in many ways but, how many people do you know who spent every day together and worked on every project as a team for 73 years? Not many, I’m sure. In 2001 they moved into an assisted living facility in Huntington, West Virginia to be near family.

Their lives together ended quietly when Bob died on January 6, 2005. Almost four years later Jane followed on September 10, 2008. Both lives showcased and honored God by their service to others. The joy, satisfaction, successful accomplishments and long lives were readily attributed to God.