Unknown ID

The Prichard Collection is very large ­-- 2,993 slides -- and due to the fact that identifying information for many of them have either been lost, mixed up or is illegible, a good number of the people, locations and landmarks are unknown.

We realize that, in all probability, many people may never be identified. But if you think you recognize someone, a location or building in a photograph that hasn't been identified, please take part in making The Prichard Collection complete by filling out the form below.

In return for making an accurate ID, we'll give you credit in the details section of that image. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please be sure to tell us. We appreciate your help!

Notice: We've received some ID submissions with the wrong number. To clarify, the numbers above an image indicate the number of files in an album, category, or search result. So, the numbers 79/109, would mean that the image is the 79th image out of 109 images in that album, category or search result.

The actual number needed to locate an ID, is located below an image, as in Scan #2582, for example.

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